Why Does Everyone Want A Data Entry Job?

Can someone please tell me why everyone wants a data entry job or a virtual assistant job?

These are 2 of the most searched for jobs on our website and it mystifies me why these jobs would be more desirable than a writing job like this one does that pays $10,000!?

So, don’t just follow the masses my friends. Instead follow the money and you’ll make a lot more doing a lot less than a virtual assistant would do.

And for the record, here’s the writing job I’m referring to…
$10,000 Writing Job That Can Be Done From Home

Online Education Is A Sure Fire Way To Get Your Next Job

Why is it that most people start seriously considering getting an advanced degree (such as a Masters Degree) after they’ve been laid off for more than 3 months with no new job prospects? Because studies prove that getting an advanced degree is a sure fire way to increase your earning potential, that’s why. In fact, it often can be the #1 reason why you get your next job!

Don’t discount the power of going back to school to get an advanced degree in order to put yourself above and beyond all the other job candidates. Once you know for sure that getting an online degree is the right answer for you, the next question you need to ask yourself is what school should I go to? Most people on a shoestring budget choose their local community college. Please, whatever you do, do not choose this route! A Master’s Degree from a local community college is better than nothing, but pales in comparison to one of the well know, prestigious online universities.

To find the best online education for where you live, be sure to see our ONLINE DEGREE page which will point you in the right direction.

Work At Home Jobs – Over 600 Editing Jobs Now Available

http://www.workathomejobs.org/workfromhomejobs/editing-jobs.php. This is AWESOME! We actually have over 600 editing jobs available right now on our website. Editing is an easy job that can be done from home. All you have to do is read over someone else’s content and make the appropriate edits to ensure it is grammatically correct. Not that hard right? BUT…you have to be a very good writer to start with in order to get these editing jobs. So, if you’re an AMAZING writer, then you’ll love editing :-)