Why Does Everyone Want A Data Entry Job?

Can someone please tell me why everyone wants a data entry job or a virtual assistant job?

These are 2 of the most searched for jobs on our website and it mystifies me why these jobs would be more desirable than a writing job like this one does that pays $10,000!?

So, don’t just follow the masses my friends. Instead follow the money and you’ll make a lot more doing a lot less than a virtual assistant would do.

And for the record, here’s the writing job I’m referring to…
$10,000 Writing Job That Can Be Done From Home

Data Entry Jobs That Can Be Done From Home

http://www.workathomejobs.org/workfromhomejobs/data-entry-jobs.php. We’ve all read online how data entry jobs are all rip offs, but that just isn’t true. Yes, if someone tells you that you have to PAY to get access to those jobs, then its a rip off, but if you see a data entry job list on our website, it is not a scam and is an actual paying job.

To prove my point, click on the link above and you’ll see that we actually have 247 data entry jobs listed on our site right now! In fact, I even saw one that was paying $1500! Cool, huh? But these jobs don’t last forever, do login and get them ASAP.

10 Most Popular Work From Home Jobs

Have you ever wondered which work from home jobs are the most popular? Well, now you can see the Top 10 at http://www.workathomejobs.org. Simply scroll down the page a tiny bit and you’ll come to a section called “Most Searched Words”. This is where you can see what everyone else is searching for on our website.

1. Data Entry Jobs
2. Virtual Assistant Jobs
3. Microsoft Word Jobs
4. Sales Jobs
5. Translation Jobs
6. Research Jobs
7. Excel Jobs
8. Editing Jobs
9. Customer Service Jobs
10. Graphic Design Jobs

Here’s what you’ll see on our homepage as of today:
top 10 work from home jobs