Should I Go Back To Working For The Man?

I can’t believe I’m writing this…but Google is no longer ranking most of my websites and the income is drying up :-( What should I do? Throw in the towel or try to make it work? I’m giving it my all in the middle of a divorce I didn’t want and I feel like my life is falling apart. My eyes are going, my savings is disappearing and I’m an emotional wreck! DIVORCE SUCKS!

I’ve already given up my office that I was renting and am now back working from home full time. I’m working more now than I’ve worked in a long time…all while watching the kids part time and trying to maintain my own household. Not how I thought I’d be spending my early 40s, that’s for sure.

As I’ve been soul searching on the topic, I decided to write a complete article on it to see if I can help myself and anyone else that might be suffering due to Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. The article is called Should I Continue To Work From Home?

If you guys were in my shoes, would you go back to working full time for the man or just live on less income? Please chime in and let me know your thoughts.

Working from home is exactly what I'm doing these days

Working from home is exactly what I’m doing these days

Is Working From Home Right For You?

Working from home is not all its cracked up to be! There are constant distractions that keep you from actually bearing down and getting some serious work done. Not to mention the kids that make it almost impossible to get ANYTHING done without being constantly distracted. Babysitters are perfect…but so expensive! But really, these are just a handful of some of the issues you’ll face trying to work from home.

To get the FULL PICTURE of what it will be like, be sure to read our Is Working From Home For You? article. We love hearing from all of our visitors, so be sure to leave some comments and any additional suggestions you may have :-)

Working from home isn't as easy as everyone makes it sound

Working from home isn’t as easy as everyone makes it sound

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