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EZ Estimate Banner Ads ($0 - $40)

Skills Required: banner-ad-design

Tantamount Technologies - through the EZ Estimate application/software solution - provides automotive service profess... ...

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Help Create our Startup's Logo and Brand! ($0 - $190)

Skills Required: logo-design

We sell a SaaS marketing application for the tire and service industry... ...

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logo (and potentially gif animation) for mobile virtual life coach application ($0 - $420)

Skills Required: logo-design

Mobile virtual life coaching tool. Anyone who wants help achieving goals is a target, provided they use a smart phone... ...

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Create a logo design for a Mist and Fog product ($0 - $376)

Skills Required: logo-design

The Mist&Fog systems spray and throw micro water drops in the environment with different functions and applications: ... ...

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News Site Logo Needed ($0 - $190)

Skills Required: logo-design

News website dedicated to helping companies that are interested in staying current on mobile applications & technolog... ...

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Create a logo for HoochWare ($0 - $190)

Skills Required: logo-design

I've developed a cloud based business application to help craft distilleries manage their operations from grain to bo... ...

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Create an innovative logo for a web consultancy ($0 - $190)

Skills Required: logo-design

We build internet applications and strategies. Innoraft = Innovation on Raft (i.e. afloat)... ...

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Entrepreneur looking for a Programmer for long-term partnership (N/A)

Skills Required: Linux, MySQL, PHP, Bash Scripting, MongoDB, Redis, HTML5, C, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, Python, Bootstrap, RESTful web services, FreePBX Framework, Asterisk

In search of PHP Developer to drive the FreePBX UI development for our flagship call center product, SmartQueue. Located on the water in the beaut ...

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Help us to inspire runners around the world to join ($0 - $190)

Skills Required: logo-design develops standalone applications (apps) for smartwatches (Android Wear/ Apple Watch) and smartphones to help ... ...

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Create a brand identity logo for a new company selling business apps in the UK ($0 - $190)

Skills Required: logo-design

we essentially sell business application software to companies who need to manage compliance within their companies a... ...

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