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Product catalog - create a layout and design ($0 - $175)

Skills Required: other-business-advertising

Bright Light Golf provides superior driving range equipment to golf courses and driving ranges with VIP customer expe... ...

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Create a stunning and professional training catalog for the ifss Academy Munich ($0 - $450)

Skills Required: brochure-design

HR-Managers of companies in Germany / Austria, middle management of large and mid-cap corporations; managers of small... ...

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Create a logo for Personiphonic, a composer agency and music catalog for media ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

We are a composer agency and represent music for license in media. We provide music to personify a scene, story or br... ...

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Amazing Homepage for Catalogue review site ($0 - $475)

Skills Required: wordpress-theme-design

Our audience is people looking catalogues and products that they do not have to pay for now. Our site will be reviews ...

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Design a Catalogue for Solar Energy (Social Business) ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: brochure-design

B2B & B2C clients for solar energy products... ...

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Java Program ($100 - $250)

Skills Required: Java, Programming

1 Using the attached catalog txt file create a program that begins by loading the file onto an arraylist of Album classes called Catalog Each Alb ...

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Website Re-Design and New Companion Workshop Check-In App - Training Freelance Job ($0 - $250)

Skills Required: Training, Education

OASIS Answers, Inc. (OAI) is a growing healthcare consulting company located in Sammamish, WA. We offer outstanding training to home health care agenc ...

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Create a logo for Shop Mercy, a catalog and online store that sells religious books and other items. ($0 - $450)

Skills Required: logo-design

Sales of Religious Books and Items - Target audience - Most customers are interested in religious topics/ are reli... ...

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