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Web Developer for Educational Site (N/A)

Skills Required: Web, Software and IT

What we want: We are looking to create an interactive and educational website that catalogues the h ...

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Converting PDF (N/A)

Skills Required: Web, Software and IT

I have PDF catalogues that need to be converted to excel spreadshee ...

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Growing Creative Agency Seeks Sales Team (N/A)

Skills Required: Sales and Marketing

Black + Gold Studio provides quality catalog photography and creative consulting to: Jewelry Des ...

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Create a Product Catalog ($0 - $135)

Skills Required: other-business-advertising

Ethos Education Group (Ethos) is a non profit organization whose mission is to promote and deliver a character develo... ...

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Be creative please!! ($0 - $700)

Skills Required: web-design

we like to show a catalog of our line up please take a look at our competition witch is al... ...

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Product Catalog - DuraSmoke ($0 - $340)

Skills Required: other-business-advertising

We manufacture and sell eLiquid for e Cigarettes. We sell to end consumers as well as dealers, convenient stores and ... ...

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Sales Agents for European Line of Aluminum Door Panels & Doors - Lead Generation Freelance Job ($0 - $250)

Skills Required: Marketing, Advertising, Sales

Well-qualified sales agents wanted to sell to distributors, contractors, construction companies, and related customers, as well as to big box retailer ...

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Blow patients away with engaging portable oxygen catalogue that sells products! ($0 - $244)

Skills Required: other-business-advertising

The project is a catalogue to sell portable oxygen concentrators to patients and their caregivers.... ...

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Catalog Cover Design + 16 Page Catalog Layout ($0 - $290)

Skills Required: magazine-cover-design

Well publish a study skills curriculum and sell it to public and private schools. Our curriculum teaches students sk... ...

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rip these flash videos and catalogue (N/A)

Skills Required: Web, Software and IT rip all the videos there to a file ...

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