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Create a modern, sophisticated look for leading carton/packaging company ($0 - $500)

Skills Required: brand-identity-pack

Coburn Carton Solutions is a provider of printing and folding carton conversion, as well as products and services inc... ...

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Design a bi-fold brochure. 'How To' installation guide for VW Campervan curtains ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: brochure-design

We are an online supplier of campervan conversion parts, selling to both trade and public. Target audience is owners ... ...

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RACE Weapon Defense - Traditional Illustration Freelance Job ($500 - $999)

Skills Required: Traditional Art (Illustration, Painting)

Hello. My name is A.J., I am practitioner of Krav Maga. I have a written a short manual on defense against an armed attacker and need to have my rou ...

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Product Page Redesign ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: landing-page-design

Want to redesign one of our landing pages to increase conversion ...

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Create a new logo for a rapidly growing AdTech Startup ($0 - $300)

Skills Required: logo-design

At Splashscore we provide premier consumer brands with the best platform for driving sales and conversions through so... ...

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A new starting page for a unit-conversion website ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: landing-page-design

Unit converter is an online tool for converting between measurement units (e.g. Fahrenheit <--> Celsius.)... ...

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