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Create a logo/business card for my new web/mobile app business ($0 - $405)

Skills Required: logo-business-card-design

We develop web & mobile apps to help companies in the Australian/New Zealand fresh food(fruit and vegetable) wholesal... ...

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Mobile App Icon ($0 - $135)

Skills Required: icon-button-design

We design and market mobile apps in the Apple iTunes App Store.... ...

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Create logo for teach&parent engagement mobile app "Tangaroo" ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

We are establishing a new company developing teacher & parent engagement mobile apps for early education. "TANGAR... ...

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iOS Custom keyboard icon ($0 - $135)

Skills Required: icon-button-design

Roe Mobile Development, LLC markets mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows phone.... ...

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Create a logo for an exciting technology start-up ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

We develop mobile apps and web applications for clients in diverse industries. We also offer consulting services abou... ...

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WANTED: Great Company Logo For ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

We design, create & publish mobile apps (iOS, Android)... ...

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St. John's Identity Suite - Graphic Design Freelance Job ($0 - $250)

Skills Required: Graphic Design, Multimedia

St. John’s Episcopal Church Rancho Santa Margarita Identity Suite Request To include a recognizable logo Thematic plug and play pieces (titles, bord ...

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something blue, light, lagoon-like... that'd be cool. ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

We're a software development company, primarily focused on building our own mobile apps. We don't build custom softwa... ...

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Create a simple, creative and smart website to target small businesses who need mobile apps ($0 - $475)

Skills Required: web-design

BizMoCloud is for small businesses such as pizza / sandwich / cafes to dentists, real estate agents to private fitnes... ...

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