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Create a new brand logo for amazon merchant. ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

We are amazon merchant. We are launching new brand for private labeling products such as mobile phone accessories, h... ...

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Entice the world to design mobile phones for women with your illustration! ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

The acronym "dtoor" is for "designing the opposite of rectangle" and is pronounced "detour". The company dTOOR INC, S.. ...

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Verbal Ai, next generation Siri ($0 - $450)

Skills Required: logo-design

Verbal Ai is a new generation of conversational Artificial Intelligence software for your mobile phone. It's being de... ...

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Create a logo for a mobile phone and electronics distributor ($0 - $450)

Skills Required: logo-design

Unlocked spot specializes in selling factory unlocked cell phones and other popular electronics. An unlocked phone ca... ...

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Mr. Sin USA needs a logo that will help people part with their money. ($0 - $300)

Skills Required: logo-design

We develop mobile phone apps and sell consumer goods on on platforms like Target audience is insecure ma... ...

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Best special exhibition Taking cell-phones and electronics design ($0 - $240)

Skills Required: 3d-design

The target audience of young people category we sell mobile phones and accessories from Accessories and carving on mo... ...

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