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Unique outdoor screen technology to leave a lasting impression! ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

This is a ground breaking, robust and slim outdoor screen. Key words: sleek, sophisticated, cutting edge, reliable ...

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Create a compelling logo for an internationally read website about human sexuality ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

Sex & Co is a sex education online resource. Our mission is to provide the public with free, comprehensive, reliable ... ...

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Reliable but fresh and cool- is it possible ?!? ($0 - $540)

Skills Required: brand-identity-pack

We are an Institute of engineers for accidentreconstruction & research. The main part of our work is reconstructing c... ...

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Craigslist Backpage ($1000 - $5000)

Skills Required: Lead Generation, Marketing Promotion

Craigslist and or Backpage posting expert Paid per live ad Solid reliable job if you are an expert have good attention to detail and can work almo ...

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Design a fun and memorable dog related logo for Fostering Furever ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

Help us with the first step toward defining our brand as a reliable and collaborative source of fostering infomation! ...

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Get creative & Make Awesome Stickers for big campaign ($0 - $145)

Skills Required: sticker-design

Reliable, Innovative, Sustainable transportation for Long Beach, CA (The International City).... ...

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Create a brand logo for Ticket Lasso ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

Reliable online destination for authentic concert, sports, and theater tickets at fair prices.... ...

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Logo Design for a Boutique Technology and Decision sciences firm ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

We are a boutique technology firm that builds reliable, dependable and futuristic solutions for Fortune 500 firms. We... ...

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New Logo Wanted for Monarch Real Estate Solutions, LLC ($0 - $450)

Skills Required: logo-design

My company finances real estate deals all over the country and provides consistent and reliable profitable returns to... ...

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