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Logo for tech/telecom company ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

Telecommunications and IT - smartphone and mobile internet plans, VOIP, IT services, cloud backup and storage, wirele... ...

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Connected Australia ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

We are a national utilities company that sells - Telecommunications, Internet, Power, Gas, Security, IPTV. All unde... ...

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Create attractive logo for a professional management association. ($0 - $300)

Skills Required: logo-design

NA SNO is a professional association for telecommunications operations managers and executives.... ...

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Create a modern. clean looking logo that incorporates our business name Micloud ($0 - $200)

Skills Required: logo-design

We sell telecommunication cloud based solutions including internet and voice... ...

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Create an eye catching van wrap for a growing global IT company! ($0 - $300)

Skills Required: car-truck-van-wrap-design

IT WorldWide Services is a global Telecommunications and IT Services company, offering advanced and innovative servic... ...

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make that logo that stands out for the commuinication guy ($0 - $400)

Skills Required: brand-identity-pack

i do telecommunications work cabling houses offices with phone and data cabling also do NBN connections to houses pit... ...

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Create fun yet professional logo for Telecom Startup ($0 - $300)

Skills Required: logo-design

Macondo will be selling business telecommunications (phones, headsets and conferencing solutions) hardware and servic... ...

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